Motorola Moto 360 review

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The Motorola Moto 360 has been out for some time now, but despite its age it’s one of the stand out competitors of Apple’s newly unveiled smartwatch. With a round face, a smart look and comparable features, you would think it would cost about the same, but the Moto 360 has just had a price cut that makes it less than half the price of the latest Apple hardware, so it’s worth taking another look at.


The Moto 360 is a fairly typical smartwatch, with a wrist strap and face making up its main components. It comes in three colour variants: black, stone grey and silver and is manufactured using high-quality materials like Horween leather for the strap, Gorilla glass for protecting the screen and a stainless steel chassis for housing the internal hardware.

Designed to act as an accessory to your smartphone, the Moto 360 gives you notifications like emails, updates from certain services like flight times, as well as the standard calls and texts that many smartwatches give you a heads up for. However when it comes to your own interactions with it, the Moto 360 doesn’t rely on just a touch interface, but is equipped with voice recognition commands too, so you can tell it what to do simply by speaking to it.

Fitness tracking is also available, tracking metrics like calories burned, steps taken and distance travelled. Unlike a lot of cheaper wearables however, the Moto 360 also includes a heart rate monitor. It also supports third party applications that can help with everything from working out to keeping up with friends through social networking messengers.

Battery life lasts around 12 hours on a single charge.



At the time of writing, the Moto 360 has had its price slashed to £163 at some outlets for the more basic versions. However, it can be found even cheaper overseas, with the it going for the equivalent of £120 at some outlets.


Battery is obviously still a big problem with the Moto 360, as it is with every wearable that has a nice display. It’s also quite old now, with a new version likely to be around the corner – hence the price drop across the board.

Bottom Line

Even though it is quite old and its battery life is suspect, the Moto 360 offers a very comparable piece of hardware to the Apple Watch and does it for much less money. If you’re considering splashing out on an Apple Watch, consider buying one of these first and see if you stick with it. If you don’t, you’ll have saved yourself a lot of money.