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If for anything, the Nike+ Fuelband SE is simple.  You just slip it on and keep on wearing it as you walk, hike, climb stairs and do other things.  The Nike+ Fuelband SE will record your activities and tell you your Nikefuel number.  This number is a calculation of your movements.  Although the company is mum about how they arrive at such a number for your Nikefuel, the idea is that the higher the number, the more active you are.

The neat thing about the Nike+ Fuelband SE is that it does not confound you with graphs, visualizations and all that.  You simply set a goal, like, say, a Nikefuel of around 3,000.  The band would tell you whether or not you have reached your goal and how close you are to achieving it. Aside from this, the Nike+ Fuelband SE can also calculate just how many calories you have burned during the day.

How the Nike+ Fuelband SE differs from the first Fuelband

At first look, there is not much of a difference between the Nike+ Fuelband SE and the first Fuelband.  The Nike + Fuelband SE still has the 20 colored LEDs and the 100 LED display.  It is still made of plastic, has a strong exterior, and is light weight.  But Nike is saying that the Nike+ Fuelband SE is more water-resistant than the original.  You can now work out in the rain or take it with you into the shower stalls. You still cannot take it swimming, though.

On the aesthetics side, you can have your choice of colors with Nike+ Fuelband SE.  You will no longer be stuck with only black.  Instead, you can opt for black, crimson, volt and pink.  Volt, by the way, is actually just green with a touch of yellow.

Nike+ Fuelband SE tracks more

The Nike+ Fuelband SE also has better sensors than the original.  This means that you can track more things more accurately than before.  It will not be that easy to cheat as it was with the first Fuelband.  You really need to be active in order to get your Fuelpoints up.  You can now track cycling, rowing, running and yoga.  Yes, yoga!  You can do the downward facing dog and not have the Fuelband think you are sleeping.

Additionally, you can sync your Fuelband and your iOS app continuously with Bluetooth 4.0, another improvement from before where you can only sync when you want to sync it. Furthermore, the Nike+ Fuelband SE can now track your sleep.  This is something that the first Fuelband sorely lacked. But even with these improvements, battery life is still rated at four days on a single charge.


You only have to press a button to know your Nikefuel.  That’s how easy it is.  But the Fuelband SE works because it makes a game out of your fitness and helps you become more psychologically prepared for a fitter lifestyle.

Nike surely made getting fit more fun and easier to remember.  You can now set it to remind you to go out and get fit at the bottom or top of the hour, or at any time you want.

There is also the 3.2.1. GO! Sessions.  Hold the button for three seconds and you will activate the sessions wherein you can log certain activities such as jogging, going to the gym or walking.   If you do not do this, you can still log into your app later on and then assign the session to the activity you did.  You would love how the tagged sessions give you the amount of Nikefuel you have gained from that particular session and ultimately to boost your morale when you see the graphs on your iPhone telling you how active you were with numbers that are easy to understand.

The Nike+ Fuelband SE also has the “Win the Hour” alert.  It basically just gives you encouragement to do more for five minutes in an hour.  The Nike+ Fuelband SE will activate the LED display with a simple message “GO (your name)!”  This message will scroll three times and three red LED lights will light up.  The red lights will turn itself off once movement is detected or if you dismiss the alert.

The companion app

Nike launched an improved app to coincide with the release of the Nike+ Fuelband SE.  The new app is still easy to navigate and uses touch gestures all throughout, while taking advantage of the new features in the new Fuelband. Because of the Bluetooth Low Energy support, the app is now updated almost in real time in the background.  That is done without draining the battery too much.

The app gives you a graphical view of your activities for the day.  It has a line graph for the different sessions you had.  And there is the Nikefuel gauge.  The app also has a social component where you could share your stats, achieve goals and the challenges you have conquered with your Twitter followers and Facebook friends.

The downsides

Not a few people were disappointed when Nike first launched the first Fuelband, simply because they could not use it.  For some weird reason, Nike wanted only iOS users for the Fuelband.  The snub continues with Nike+ Fuelband SE, as it is still exclusively compatible with iOS devices.  Now, we would like to think that the company is doing this to thoroughly test out the Fuelband systems and its app, saving the best for last for Android users.  But we do hope that they would come out with an Android version already.

The new feature that tracks sleep is not as powerful as the ones you see in competing fitness bands.  Nike+ Fuelband SE merely counts the minutes that you have slept, nothing more.  You do not get metrics on the quality of your sleep as well as how many hours you slept in deep sleep and light sleep.  The function is more of a sleep timer than a sleep tracker as Nike advertised.

Also the design and form factor might need a little getting used to.  The Nike+ Fuelband SE is quite thick, enough to jut out and get scratched on surfaces.  It might also get in the way of your daily activities such as when you are typing or cooking.  Moreover, it could be uncomfortable to wear because of its rigidity.

Overall, however, you cannot go wrong with the Nike+ Fuelband SE.  It is very obvious that Nike has taken pains to make this fitness tracker way better and different from the rest.  From making it easier to keep track of your activities to priming you up psychology to encourage you being fit to making a game out of everything, the Nike+ Fuelband SE does it all well.  It is also very accurate while making everything more fun and making motivation easier.


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