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Owlet baby wearable review

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Activity trackers for adults are all well and good, but we can track a lot of stuff like calories, activities and heart rate ourselves with a few simple steps. You know who can’t check in on themselves though? Babies. Which is why it’s out job to keep an eye on them and what better way to do that than with a wearable like Owlet?


The Owlet is a new type of baby and toddler focused wearable, which gives you a variety of information on how the little tyke is doing. The device attaches to the baby’s foot and uses information from several different sensors to give you the child’s heart rate and oxygen levels at the touch of your fingers by accessing the companion application. This allows you too make sure your baby is doing ok when not in the room and can supplement baby monitors to give you better peace of mind.

You can even customise your phone’s home screen so that a notification remains there telling you all is ok based on the stats recorded.

For those worried about the technology behind the Owlet monitor, known as Pulse oximetry (the practice of shining different wavelengths of light through the skin too track different metrics) is completely safe for use with children and has received approval by several doctors to that effect.

Speaking of doctors, if yours wants to know anything specific about the habits of your new born, when visiting you’ll have reams of information you can show them, which could help pick up early signs of any issues with breathing or their heart.


The Owlet isn’t currently available for purchase, but you can pre-order one today for $250. If you do, you won’t be charged until the product is sent out.


The only real concern I have with the Owlet are the rechargeable batteries. Li-Ion is generally a great technology but some batteries have overheated and caused burns. As unlikely as that would be, it would be terrible if that were to happen to an Owlet baby.

Also, version one of the wearable is only going to be iOS compatible so will not be usable on Android phones.

Bottom Line

The Owlet seems like an interesting idea, but I would certainly want to see a fully working product with lots of tests done, before I would be willing to put money down for one. I’d rather have some sort of smart crib with the same sort of trackers if possible, as the batteries could be stored somewhere else away from the infant.