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  • activeedge2

    Active Edge performance wrist band

    Most wearable devices are about augmenting already existing smartphone functions like notifications and call taking, or tracking performance through accelerometers and gyroscopes. Some however, purport that they can actually improve performance just by being worn, like the Active Edge. Features The Active Edge wrist band is, according to the developers, “the first technology capable of infusing and embedding a recipe of

  • garminfenix3

    Garmin Fenix 3 review

    While Apple may have billed its new smartwatch as the top premium wearable available right now, not every company is happy to roll over and let it take that crown. While it may be able to win if everyone was competing to offer the most expensive wearable, Garmin hopes to out-compete it on features and a number of other factors.

  • breathingstone

    Biobeats Breathing Stone review

    Update: We’ve been contacted by Biobeats who informed us that the Breathing Stone does come with headphones. Picking a song to listen to based on your mood isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Often you need to search by album, or artist, or genre, which means you need to have some idea of what mood you’re in and what song

  • timex

    Timex Move X20 review

    Even though 2014 was the year where the fitness tracker officially took off, that doesn’t mean some companies aren’t still releasing them. Take for example Timex’s next stab at a wearable device, known as the Move X20. It tracks a lot of the usual information, giving users multiple colour options, and a versatile back-end application to play around with. Can it stand

  • void

    Void VR review

    There’s a lot of companies looking to get into the virtual reality market right now. With Oculus recently announcing that it’s high-end Rift headset would finally become commercially available in Q1 2016 and its many competitors announcing their own campaigns and projects, The Void is an interesting new development that not only claims to have its own hardware, but enough