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  • Nike-FuelBand-SE

    Nike+ Fuelband SE Review, Price And Where To Buy It!

    If for anything, the Nike+ Fuelband SE is simple.  You just slip it on and keep on wearing it as you walk, hike, climb stairs and do other things.  The Nike+ Fuelband SE will record your activities and tell you your Nikefuel number.  This number is a calculation of your movements.  Although the company is mum about how they arrive

  • LG_Life_Band_Touch

    LG Lifeband Touch Review, Price And Release Date

    South Korean consumer electronics manufacturer LG bolstered its presence in the wearable tech market with a bang.  Not only did it introduce two wearable tech devices at the recent Consumer Electronics Show 2014, but also it released two new devices: LG Lifeband Touch and the Heart Rate Earphones. The LG Lifeband Touch The LG Lifeband Touch looks like some of

  • UP24

    Review : Jawbone UP24

    Jawbone, the company behind UP24, started off with audio devices including wireless speakers and Bluetooth headsets but soon became known for its activity trackers when it launched Jawbone UP in 2011. The company has been hard at work fine-tuning UP.  When it first came out, the product suffered from the lack of stability and short battery life.  They changed that

  • Pebble

    Review : Pebble SmartWatch

    Pebble has been getting a lot of media attention.  It first gained notice after being cited as one of the most successful projects on Kickstarter, getting around 85,000 backers to give it $10 million in order to develop the first Pebble Smartwatch.  After fulfilling its promise to its Kickstarter donors, the company revealed that it had more than 190,000 pre-orders,

  • fitbit-force

    Review : Fitbit Force

    Fitbit is a relatively young company that creates wearable technology focused on health and fitness.  The company is behind Fitbit Flex, which could be considered as the predecessor for the current Fitbit Force.  It also has the Fitbit Zip, which is purely a wireless activity tracker, and Fitbit One that solely tracks sleep behavior and patterns, as well as the