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  • watch22

    Apple Watch Edition review

    Although the Apple Watch has officially been launched, getting hold of one at the moment isn’t the easiest, but at least we know a little bite more about them. Enough to do a little preview-review anyway, which is why today we’ll be considering the features and bang for buck of the company’s most expensive smartwatch, the Apple Watch Edition. Features

  • gameband

    Gameband + Minecraft review

    Minecraft is a global sensation, there’s no escaping it. People have placed enough blocks to recreate cities, counties and even entire countries in some instances and the game has become a real hit as an educational and creativity enhancing tool for children around the world. What then are you to do when you go travelling and can’t take your game

  • mymagic2

    Disney MyMagic+ review

    While there may be a few hotel chains looking to utilise wearables as a way to ditch the age old room keys and card systems, Disney is looking to take things a step further with the introduction of its MyMagic+ wearable, designed specifically to make getting around and paying for things at Disneyland that much easier. Features The MyMagic wrist

  • withings2

    Withings Activité fitness tracker review

    If you want a wearable that doesn’t look like a wearable, it can actually be quite hard to find what you’re after. Fortunately though, there are some companies catering to just that kind of tech-early-adopter, like Withings. It’s newly released Activité fitness tracker is designed to look and operate just like a traditional watch, whilst still bundling in some of the

  • onetouch1

    Alcatel OneTouch review

    The smartwatch game is heating up, with the likes of Apple, Microsoft and many more taking to the field in hopes of creating that killer wearable. Alcatel isn’t a company to be daunted by all of the big names though and is releasing its next product shortly. It’s called the Alcatel OneTouch and it provides a lot of smart functions,