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  • quell

    Quell pain relief band review

    If there is one worthy goal for all wearables, it’s improving the life of the wearer. More often than not that comes in the form of making it easier to track information about the wearer, or a more convenient way to utilise a smartphone’s features. However, one new wearable on the scene, called the Quell, promises something a bit more

  • applewatch

    Apple Watch review

    Much has been said about the Apple Watch since it was announced late last year, but while people might still be gobsmacked about how much you can spend on it, what it really boils down to is how good a product it actually is. Does it track your metrics well? Is it comfortable? Does it have all of the features you

  • hiris

    Circle Garage HIRIS review

    Many wearables are made to address a single issue or to track a certain part of our lives, but not everyone is interested in such bespoke products. In-fact, some, like Circle Garage believe that a much more catchall wearable is needed, which is why it’s created the HIRIS, a gesture controlled, wrist mounted device that it claims works with almost

  • bands

    Unicef Kid Power Band review

    Most fitness trackers are all about helping the individual improve. They’re designed to make them work harder, eat better and ultimately help themselves by making it easy to keep a better eye on these different factors. However not all fitness bands are created equally, as while the Unicef Kid Power smart tracker is designed to help children become more active,

  • smartbannd

    Microsoft Band review

    2015 is going to be a big year for wearables. Not only is it the time where VR headsets could see their first commercial releases, but some of the biggest names in technology are launching their own wearable devices. While Apple is arguably the biggest name to do so this year, Microsoft’s upcoming smart Band is a giant one too and could