PFO personal safety bracelet

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One of the things we are guilty of a little bit here at wearable, is spending a lot of time looking to the future. That’s all well and good, as who doesn’t get excited about upcoming tech trends? But it’s not exactly fair of us, as there’s plenty of wearables that have been out for a while that also deserve a look in. For example, PFOTech’s safety bracelet designs, which have been keeping kids and other users safe for years already.


The idea with the PFO safety bracelets, is that if you ever find yourself in a spot of trouble, all you have to do is press the alarm button on your wrist and everyone important will know where you are and that you need help.

The bracelet itself communicates over SMS and sends data via GPRS and GPS, so location data is accurate and doesn’t use up a lot of bandwidth. It can even provide indoor positioning thanks to GSM triangulation.

It’s also a very simple piece of kit to use, so can be worn by anyone be they young, old or just unsure about technology. Putting the bracelet on activates it and taking it off deactivates it. All you have to do to trigger the alarm, is give the bracelet a pull like someone is trying to forcibly remove it. At that point it will remain locked to your arm and begin sending out the emergency SOS message.

Once it’s set off, a message is automatically sent to anyone that you have registered through the built in application as your “shield,” companions. On top of that, PFOTech receives a notification that you’re in trouble and will get in touch with the authorities if they believe that it’s warranted, or take some other form of action if necessary.

Battery wise, the bracelet lasts up to 14 days on standby and four hours after the alarm has been triggered.

Parents can also check in on children wearing the bracelet through the application, whether the alarm is triggered or not.



At the time of writing, PFO Tech bracelets will set you back around £45 depending on the retailer.


While for the most part the PFO Tech safety bracelet seems like a decent product, I’m wary that the battery only lasts a few hours once the alarm has been triggered. If you were a long way away, getting to you in that time might be difficult.

Bottom Line

I’m not entirely sold about the One as an alarm system considering its lack of battery reserves, but as a day to day tool I imagine it’s great for parents or for those that want to keep track of people they care for that might wander off. It’s also priced very affordably. Kudos to PFO.