Recharge your gadgets with the emPowered All In One tote bag

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One of the problems with our modern, gadget filled lives, is that they all require charging. Combine that with battery technology that is struggling to keep pace with the new, power hungry displays and graphics processors in a modern handset and you have a recipe for constantly low battery phones. That’s where the emPowered All In One charging tote bag is supposed to come in.

Acting as a modern accessory, carry space and charge station, the tote bag is lightweight (just over one pound) and is compatible with every USB port equipped smartphone, tablet or other charge necessitating gadget.


The tote bag looks like a standard leather bag on the outside, but inside it features a stealthed USB cable and a rechargeable li-ion battery. That battery holds enough charge to completely bring your smartphone back to full battery or just give you a little top up throughout the day if you need it.

The bag itself has a removable and adjustable strap, which means you can wear it in a variety of different ways: clutch, hands free cross-over, or over the shoulder. It has a built in wallet on the inside, letting you store cash, keys, cards and other necessities in a safe and hidden place.

It’s also big enough to handle your day to day needs, but isn’t so large that it becomes impractical, letting you throw it in a larger bag if needed.

There’s also a variety of style options, with different colours and materials to choose from, though stock is currently limited.


These bags aren’t cheap, but then what fashion concious accessory that isn’t made in horrible labour conditions isn’t? For just one of these bags, you’re going to be spending upwards (inc. postage) of $150 (£90). If you want to go for the large one, you’re looking at spending almost $300.


Apart from the fact that it’s pretty expensive for a bag – I’m sure our female readers will jump to disagree with me there – the emPowered tote bag does only have one full charge in it, which doesn’t seem that impressive. It’s also only going to charge at the standard rate, which is far from impressive.

The lack of style choice is also going to limit early adoption, as while there’s a few on sale at the moment, the majority of options are either sold out or set for pre-order. As time goes on and the name grows though, expect that to improve.

Bottom Line

While I’m not rushing out to buy one of these for myself, I know a lot of women that would like to have this around, especially those with slightly older smartphones that tend to fly through their battery. It’s also just a good back up and combining it with a bag that you’ll probably carry around with you anyway isn’t a bad idea.

My only real concern for the longevity of the product is the implementation of new standards of USB or smartphone, killing off the bag’s functionality.