Remee lucid dreaming mask review

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If you could control your dreams, what would you do? That’s the question that creators of the Remee lucid dreaming mask asked their supporters when it first took to Kickstarter back in 2012. Today the Remee is a fully realised product and you can buy one. But should you?


The Remee (which stands for Rapid Eye Movement Enhancing Eye-mask) is a comfortable eye mask, which fits over your head and eyes in a standard fashion. However where it differs from most, is that the Remee has a built in LED display function. During the latter stages of your sleep, when you’re most likely to be dreaming, the Remee will flash a customised LED signal. The idea is that your brain picks up on this signal and lets you know that you’re dreaming.

At that point, in theory, you should be able to control your dreams without getting too excited and waking up.

Despite this display technology, the Remee is very light and flexible and can therefore behave like a standard eye mask when not in use. It also has an adjustable strap making it a snug fit for all buyers.

The LED system can be fully customised to your preferences and it can store three different patterns, giving you three chances to experience lucidity during your dream.

The Remee itself also comes in a number of different colours, so you can choose your favourite before buying.


The Remee is currently available at $95 (£59) in five different colour options and with free US postage.


One aspect of the Remee which seems to be missing, since it features on other lucid dreaming headwear, are audio cues. It could be that some people are more suscecptive to auditory notifications than they are visual ones, especially when sleeping. A new version of the headset could bundle headphones or some sort of bone conduction earbuds to enhance the experience.

Bottom Line

I’d certainly be interested in giving a product like this a try and the general consensus from those who have, seem to think it works quite well. However, there are alternatives out there, so I’d want to shop around a bit first before I comitted to any one brand, as one with audio cues as well as visual ones would be nice for this sort of money.