Ringly review

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Making wearables attractive to those that might not otherwise be interested in such a technological phenomenon is a difficult task. It does however give two avenues of sales to a developer that can get it right, perhaps guaranteeing a much larger marketplace and a longer shelf life for each product. That’s what the developer of Ringly is hoping to do by releasing a bejewelled ring that also doubles as a way to notify you about important messages.


Ringly is a ring, that sits on your finger and vibrates when you get a text, or a call or a tweet – whatever you set it to. Each notification can be customised to give you a different kind of heads up though, thanks to varied vibrations and LED lighting. Discretely placed on the side of the ring, the LED indicator can flash one of several different colours to let you know what type of notification you’ve received. That, combined with vibrations of different lengths and frequencies can tell you just what you might be missing out on.

You can also set up priority messages, so that a call from work is a little more important than a text from mum.

Beyond its notification abilities, the Ringly is a bluetooth connected smart device that responds quickly to calls and texts and easily performs as well as the average smartwatch in that regard, though without the detail of a small display to give more information.

The Ringly works with both android and iOS smartphones and can be charged with a micro-USB connector. Settings and notification types can be adjusted on the companion application.



At the time of writing, the Ringly is available for pre-order for $195, though there is a slightly fancier Emerald version that will set you back $260.


The main problem with the Ringly is battery life. Even though it’s only vibrating and flashing an LED at you, it still requires very regular charging. However, this isn’t quite as bad as with smartwatches, since Ringly isn’t something that needs to be worn all of the time, just when you might need it.

It also can’t be resized, which is a bummer for those who aren’t adept at telling their ring size. Maybe don’t order this one online.

Bottom Line

The Ringly is a very interesting wearable device, with a clear focus on fashion above everything else. I’m not sure how useful a device it actually is, but it could begin to open the door to more female orientated wearables. We’ll have to wait and see.