Rufus Cuff Smartwatch review

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Many Smartwatches feel like a logical progression of the classic multi-purpose wrist watches of old. Where once there were calculators and loads of tiny buttons, now there’s touch screens and colourful displays, notifications and bluetooth mobile interactivity. That’s all well and good, but the team behind the Rufus Cuff Smartwatch wanted to reinvent the idea of what a smart wearable could be on the wrist, which is why what it came up with is decidedly different.


The Cuff right off the bat has an odd shape, but that’s very deliberate. Not only does it allow for a larger screen, but it means Rufus was able to implement a larger battery, keeping it running for much longer than your average smartwatch. In-fact, Rufus doesn’t even call the Cuff a smartwatch, but something more akin to the Star Trek episodes of yesteryear. The Cuff, is a “wrist communicator,” and can even do video calls using its built in, front facing camera.

Connecting up to your android or iOS smartphone, the Cuff can answer calls at the touch of virtual button, check emails, read text messages, look at a calendar for appointments ot just check the weather. Of course, in homage to the Casios of old, there’s also a built in calculator too.

Go out of range of your smartphone and you’ll get a reminder, meaning you’ll never forget your phone again. There’s even some fitness functions too, with basic calorie counting, distance run and steps taken. This, combined with the wireless smartphone connectivity means listening to music on the go is a cinch too, making the Cuff an all-in-one workout tool as well as its many other functions.

however, if you want to break away from your smartphone for a bit, that’s fine, the Cuff can operate on its own using WiFi.


The Cuff just finished a successful IndieGogo campaign so it’s not quite ready for retail yet, but you can pre-order one with two different colour options for $279 (£169), or $389 (£234) for the fancies versions with 25 per cent of profits going to charity.


The Rufus Cuff does certainly look different than your average smartwatch, but it is pretty expensive. It also leaves much of its differences with other smartwatches at the aesthetic level, with most of its features available from other manufacturers’ products.

Bottom Line

The Cuff is a pretty nice looking wearable with a lot of function so deserves to be one of the smartwatch crowd, but I’m not sure it differentiates itself enough to really stand out.