Run n Read review

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Exercising is rarely fun, especially when you’re doing it for a long time on a static machine. Take running for example, it’s dull as ditch water when done for an extended time, so we all go to extraordinary lengths to make it a bit more interesting. That might be listening to music, or podcasts, but how many of us would love to read while running, if it wasn’t impossible due to shake. Well not with Run n Read.


Run n Read is a small wearable that clips on to your headband or collar and using an accelerometer, is able to track your movement as you run. This information is then sent to your compatible Android or iOS device (be it a tablet or smartphone) and thanks to the Run n Read application, it moves the text in line with your own movements. This means that as you run or jog or walk, you can continue to read as normal.

User experiences describe it as very akin to just sitting and reading, it’s that stable.

On top of the Run n Read’s ability to let you read your book an the treadmill as much as off it, it also gives basic fitness tracking information like steps taken and calories burned based on your pre-designated weight and height. This is all readable through the iOS and Android application, which also supports global news websites so it means you don’t just need to read books while going for a jog, you can also browse the latest stories and even read certain online magazines.

Interacting with the app is simple too and doesn’t require you to try and press a touch screen while moving, since Run n Read has some basic gesture controls. Tap it once to turn the page forward, or tap twice to go back.


Availability for the Run n Read is problematic, as since its original funding campaign it hasn’t had any updates. However at the time of its crowd funding efforts, the basic Run n read was $40, with a suggested retail price of $55.


Availability is the biggest issue here. If you can’t actually buy the thing, we can’t really recommend it. On top of that, this whole product seems like a software feature that could be built in to most fitness trackers.

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, due to the fact that the project seems to have been cancelled we can’t really recommend trying to get hold of one. I would however like to see other companies incorporate the idea of reading while you run into other fitness wearables.