Safelet review

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We spent some time last week looking at smart watches and wrist straps for children to help parents keep track of them should they go missing and that’s great, for families, but what about those adults that might feel vulnerable from time to time and want to know that if something happened, they could call for help quickly and securely? That’s where the Safelet comes in.


Safelet is a wrist strap bracelet, that has a built in SOS function. It works by utilising your smartphone and a bluetooth connection, so when you activate the bracelet, by pressing both side mounted buttons, it sends a signal to your phone which then contacts your community of “guardians,” depending on who that is.

Through the app itself, you can set up who is on your guardian list, letting you send a pre-written SOS message to them in the event of trouble. Guardians can be anyone from your friends and family, other Safelet users and if you want to bring out the big guns, the police too.

When you send out an alert, the Safelet sends your message requesting help and your current location. Other users of the app will immediately have directions to your location, allowing them to get there as fast as possible.

The Safelet is designed to look like a low key fashion accessory, rather than anything technological and therefore should not draw too much attention. It’s also water resistant and features a battery that will last for weeks at a time.


At the time of writing, the Safelet is going through its Indiegogo campaign so won’t start shipping until later this year. However,  you can pre-order one on Kickstarter now for $119 + $10 for international shipping.


There’s little to fault the Safelet on at the moment, since it’s more of a concept project until it’s available in the wild. However I’d like to see some sort of dead man’s switch added, so that if you were going somewhere potentially dangerous, you could have a check in feature that if not activated, automatically sends out an alert where you are.

Bottom Line

The Safelet seems like an excellent idea, especially since it’s not too expensive either and is designed with a fashion focus (something that’s always a good plan with wearables) as the worst thing would be if someone didn’t wear it and needed it, simply because they didn’t like the look of it.