Sensoglove review

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Some of the best wearables available at the moment, take a very specific task and augment it, rather than trying to be the dogsbody of function; and that’s what the Sensoglove does. Looking at your golf game in minute detail, the Sensoglove is designed to improve one specific thing – your swing.


One of the biggest problems for golfers looking to improve their game, is mastering a light-grip on the club. As you follow through, it can be tempting to grip harder, feeling like you’ll drive more power through, but that’s not always the case. What the Sensglove can do, with its pressure sensors, is give you a heads up if/when you swing too hard with too much pressure.

Packing sensors into a high-quality cabretta leather golf glove, the Sensoglove does require a bit of input from the user however. As smart as it may be, it doesn’t know what you’re actually aiming for. So if you’re just going for a short distance or a full drive, you have to key it in. Once that’s achieved however, the glove will track your swing and pressure to see if you’re matching your aims.

Each glove comes with standard watch batteries, which last between 85 and 100 hours at a time and they come in a variety of sizes, from small right through to XL for men and small to L for women. There are also options for left and right handed players.


It’s also sweatproof, though no one is suggesting it will survive a dunk in the local pool.


The Sensoglove is currently priced at £50.64 for a single one, though you can buy a pair in the “value pack,” for £75. Womens are priced exactly the same, though the makers have said that you can share ones of similar sizes with others and simply load in a different profile.


While obviously geared towards one task, the fact that the SensoGlove doesn’t do much else may hold it back from achieving the same as more versatile products. On top of that, the fact that it requires user input means that unless you know precisely how hard you’re supposed to be hitting the ball, it’s not going to give you accurate readings. This certainly seems like a product for the semi-pro rather than those just starting out.

Bottom Line

The Sensoglove seems to do a good enough job at what it’s supposed to do, but relies quite heavily on user input, which is never going to be 100 per cent accurate. However, it’s encouraging to see a wearable that isn’t too expensive, so if you want to just give it a try and aren’t a fan, at least you won’t be too out of pocket.