Skully heads up helmet review

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One of the easiest ways to bring advanced wearable features to someone’s everyday life, is by augmenting a type of product that needs to be worn at certain times, whether it’s smart or not. That’s why smart footwear or clothing seems likely to have a bigger chance of catching on than smartwatches in the long run. It’s also why helmets like the Skully with its heads up display, seem likely to replace your average motorcycle helmet before long.


The Skully’s most notable feature is its heads up display. Popping the helmet on gives you information about your route, as well as a display of the 180 degree rear facing camera, giving the rider a much more comprehensive view of the back of their vehicle than any car driver.

The HUD isn’t alone though. The Synapse system is totally voice controlled and hooked up to your smartphone, allowing you to do anything from pulling up navigation hints with a single voice command, calling a friend, sending a transcribed text message or initiating your favourite music playlist. All of that is possible just by asking it, keeping your hands on the handlebars and your eyes on the road.

One of the most touted features of the Skully however, is its “return home,” feature, which is designed to let you leave the house and just ride off without a care for where you go. When it’s time to head home, you can just ask the Skully to tell you where to go and it’ll make sure you get home safe and sound.

In terms of the more traditional aspects of a helmet, the Skully is lightweight and aerodynamic, featuring 3D, laser cut foam for a solid fit. It has an anti-fog and anti scratch visor, with a glare shield to prevent the sun from blinding you when you crest that hill. There’s even a quick release chin strap and visor if you need to get it off in a hurry.


As it stands there’s no retail cost for the Skully helmet since it hasn’t been released yet. The developers are holding off for now, accepting pre-order interest from potential customers. There’s no word on when the fully test approved version will be released.


The only potential drawback I can see with the Skully, is that while it makes a lot of functions like phone integration and music playing hands free, it adds a lot of things you can do while riding. You might be looking at the road, but are you getting distracted by what you’re saying?

Bottom Line

The Skully seems like a very interesting product. I can see it making riding your motorbike a lot more exciting and ultimately safe, but I hope those using it don’t get too distracted. Fingers crossed it’s not too expensive either.