SmartCap review

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As the wearables scene heats up, competition is on the rise, with more and more companies releasing activity tracking, organising, smartphone augmenting hardware that most of the time does roughly the same sort of stuff as the others. However some companies go in a different direction and use the same sort of trackers to do something entirely different, like the SmartCap.


The SmartCap might work like some other activity trackers, but it’s whole purpose is to make your job safer. Designed to be worn by those operating heavy machinery, or by long distance lorry drivers, the SmartCap detects fatigue or inattention and can either let the operator know through a variety of ways, or give a heads up the worker’s management that they need a break.

The cap works by measuring the wearer’s brain EEG readings and highlights any time that they seem to be becoming drowsy or inattentive. At that point, through bluetooth communication, a message can be sent to a local smartphone or other device to let them know they need to find an opportunity to stop and rest. It’s hoped that with a system like SmartCap, fatigue related injuries in the workplace (be it in the warehouse or on the road) will be drastically reduced.

On top of this though, the SmartCap works like a typical baseball cap, so it’s not even like a specialist piece of equipment needs to be worn; it can simply be swapped out for the workers’ original cap, which is often a standard piece of attire for the type of worker the SmartCap is designed for.

However other hats could also make use of the SmartCap sensor suite, like hard hats or those worn by train drivers. Australian miners were the ones the SmartCap was original designed for and it’s applicable industries have simply expanded from there.


The SmartCap, unlike many other wearables, is for sale now. However, the developers haven’t released a commercial price, since it is only being sold to enterprises at the moment. That means that the price per unit is dependant on who they’re being sold to and how many are being bought.


The SmartCap can’t be worn with other headwear like hardhats, as it inhibits their function – which is why the developers are working on a hard hat with built in smart functions.

Bottom Line

The SmartCap seems like a very worthwhile product and certainly an easy way to introduce some measure of wearable data tracking into the workplace without feeling too intrusive. Its uptake will likely depend on the cost peer unit, but it has enough benefits that it should see at least some adoption across a variety of industries.