SmartMove fitness tracker insole review

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A lot of fitness wearables are focused on adding sensors to your wrist, your ankles, but what about your feet? That’s where SmartMove comes in. It’s an insole for your shoe that is able to track your steps during walking, running or any other on your feet activity, delivering calorie counts and activity levels to your smartphone.


SmartMove is designed to be a super-low-profile in-sole that slips in your shoe, detecting movement based on the pressure of your foot. It’s supposed to be incredibly accurate too, and its development was funded by over $1.3 million of investments. However unlike other trackers that use pedometer like functions to track a step, the sensor in SmartMove is able to track when you’re sitting too. This is important, because sitting burns calories too, just not as many, but since most of our daily calorie usage comes from walking, standing and sitting, you can get a pretty good idea of your daily calorie uses from this sensor alone – at least in theory.

SmartMove is also very personalised. When you set it up a questionnaire will ask you about your fitness goals and then when you’re wearing the insoles, you’ll get personalised messages reminding you to stretch your legs, or go for a walk, perhaps fit in a run at lunch time.


When released officially to the public, the RRP for SmartMove will be $150 (£90). However, there are some early bird specials still available on the Kickstarter, so if you want one now, you can pre-order it for $100, though it isn’t set to arrive until August 2014. Unfortunately, the makers aren’t shipping anything outside of the US as of yet, unless you pledge just enough for the TShirt.


The fact that the SmartMove isn’t shipping outside of the US until later this year, is a pain in the neck, but it’s a logistics issue that will get worked out in time. Other than that, it’s difficult to fault the SmartMove as a product. It’s cheaper than your average fitness band, or thereabouts when VAT is applied, so that’s difficult to fault. Without trying the product out, it’s hard to get an idea of what it’s biggest drawbacks might be, but we can speculate that durability may be an issue over time, since you’re putting a lot of pressure on that sensor all day, every day.

Bottom Line

From its Kickstarter campaign, the SmartMove looks like a great product. It accurately tracks different aspects of your day, instead of just the simple things like counting steps. It can give you nifty little reminders when you’re forgotten to take a break from the office chair and it’s priced competitively. It’s difficult to ask for more in a piece of wearable tech at this stage in the market’s lifespan.