Spire review

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Staying calm isn’t easy to do day to day. Maybe there’s an important meeting coming up, or you had a fight with your spouse before you left the house that morning, but whatever it is, chance are that stress will have a knock on effect for your door. Spire is designed to remind you to take a second, take a breath and calm yourself before carrying on. And it knows if you listened to it or not.


The Spire packs inside it’s little shoehorn like shape, a sensor and radio transmission suite, wireless charging plate and a large capacity battery, to give you ongoing functionality for as long as you like. What it detects, is your breathing and it will let you know how you’re doing through a smartphone app. If you’re feeling a little panicked, you’ll get a notice on your phone letting you know to calm down and take a few deep breaths, which as Spire points out, can go a long way to calming your nerves. This can ultimately ease pressure on your heart, as well as lowering overall stress levels.

The built in clip allows you to hook the Spire up to your belt buckle, your bra strap, your braces, whatever is most comfortable for you; it just needs to be in contact with your upper torso in order to remain accurate.

The Spire can also track things like location and steps taken, though it doesn’t go as far as full fitness trackers. Its battery can last for up to seven days and is charged wirelessly via a QI plate.


The Spire is set to begin shipping in September, so it’s not quite out there just yet, but you can pre-order one from the official site for $119 + shipping if you’re outside of the US. Chances are there will be some nasty import duty and VAT on that too.


Some have suggested that for what it does, the Spire seems a little expensive. Chances are when it reaches British shores, it will be over £100, so it’s about as expensive as traditional activity trackers which do seem to track a lot more and have a more fully functioning application. Currently the Spire doesn’t support Android smartphones or tablets either.

Bottom Line

The Spire seems like an interesting product, but its niche use makes me wonder if it would ever gain enough of an audience to be profitable.