SpotNSave SOS wristband review

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Have trouble keeping track of your children? Sometimes find yourself worried about a walk home alone? Just want to feel like you have back up if you ever fall into danger? That’s what SpotNSave hopes to put a stop to, with a wrist band that can let you know where someone is at any time, as well as give them the chance to send out an SOS message to their guardian angels, letting them know if they’re in trouble and require assistance.


The SpotNSave is one of those safety bracelets that’s carving out a new niche in the wearable market. Like its contemporaries, the SpotNSave is a small form factor wristband with a simple push button on it and a wireless transmitter, that uses your phone to send out emergency messages in the event that you need help.

When you press the SOS button on the bracelet, or double tap the power button on your smartphone (as long as you have the SpotNSave app installed too), your five, pre-selected guardian angels will receive a text telling them that you’re in danger and need help immediately. They’ll also receive directions to reach your location as soon as possible and an overhead view of where you are. They can then rush to your aid, potentially contacting emergency services for you too if needs be.

If you’re on the move, perhaps in the car of the first guardian angel to arrive, or in a worst case scenario, you’ve been kidnapped, your friends and supporters will be able to follow you on the application, so if you do need police assistance, finding you should be incredibly easy.

Of course you’ll need network access for much of these features to work, but if you’re in trouble and you aren’t in 3G or WiFi range, your guardian angels will be shown your last location and areas you frequent, giving them some idea of where you might be.


The SpotNSave currently costs $45 (£28) in either a band, necklace charm or brooch form.


It seems like the SpotNSave could do with some way of locking to a person’s wrist, should someone attempt to remove it. Similarly, I’d like to see an option for contacting emergency services directly.

Bottom Line

The SpotNSave might not be the most feature-filled emergency contact device, but it’s one of the cheapest, and its simplicity makes it a great tool for keeping an eye on children as much as it is for keeping adults safe.