Sproutling review

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One of the old tropes of new parents, is that they spend every waking minute checking on their newborn with the fear that something will go wrong if they aren’t there to catch it. Of course over time and they come to trust that nature is usually on their side when it comes to keeping their child healthy, but in the mean time being able to monitor certain aspects of a child’s vital signs might be really useful. That’s where Sproutling comes in.


Sproutling is a small wearable baby monitor that can keep track of important aspects of your baby, like its heart rate, breathing and mood, using built in sensors. That information can be sent to your smartphone with the Sproutling companion app.

It can also tell you things like how long the little guy or girl is likely to sleep, or if the environment in their room is getting too noisy. All of this can be used to predict what your baby will do, based on metrics as well as past history, giving you an accurate idea of how long it will be before they feel tired and what sort of mood they’re in, meaning you don’t have to spend every waking minute with them to know they’re ok.

If there’s an emergency too, you’ll get an emergency warning telling you a physical check up might be necessary.

The band itself sits on the baby’s ankle and communicates with the app on your phone over Bluetooth LTE 4.0. Don’t worry about the baby eating it though, as it’s made from medical-grade silicon and is fully sealed, so even if they put it in their mouth, there shouldn’t be a problem. It’s specifically shaped too, to be very difficult to swallow, so doesn’t even represent a choking hazard.

The band the Sproutling is attached to is designed to be breathable and stretchable, so as your baby grows, you don’t need to go out and buy a brand new wearable, or even a strap. It expands with your baby’s physical form.


At the time of writing, you can pre-order a Sproutling for $250 (£156) + shipping. Shipping is expected to begin in March 2015.


There will always be a concern with battery overheating when it comes to a small child and the availability is a problem, as many of the people considering a Sproutling now, won’t have as much need of it when it’s released next year.

Bottom Line

While it seems a shame that parents pre-ordering today won’t find it quite as useful when it comes out, since their baby will be much older, the Sproutling seems like a great product. It’s just one extra somewhat hefty cost that will need to be considered.