Sqord Booster review

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Wearables are handy no matter who you are. They cross gender, sex, geographical and age gaps without issue, which is why it’s great to see more products being designed with different people in mind. However one of the problems with strapping a wearable to a child’s wrist or other body part, is that they might break it and they certainly can’t afford to pay for a replacement. Or can they? That’s where the Sqord Booster comes in.


The Sqord is a wearable fitness tracker designed with children in mind, as it’s simple, understated and perhaps best of all, is the most affordable wearable of its kind out there.

Beyond the price though, the Sqord offers most of the features of your standard activity tracking wearable, keeping an eye on steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned, converting all of that information into a child friendly format. Steps equal points and points can equal medals and awards that children can win, encouraging them to run faster and harder.

Those points can be collated individually and compared with friends, but they can also team up and compete against other teams of youngsters, inspiring them to go further than they have before.

To make sure that your child doesn’t damage their Sqord too easily though, there’s a lot of safety measures in place. The Booster is entirely waterproof, so falling in a pool or getting rained on doesn’t matter, similarly it’s very hard wearing and “practically indestructible,” according to the makers. So good luck breaking it kids!

Like other activity trackers, it syncs up with your mobile phone and communicates information over bluetooth 4.



One of the biggest selling points of the Sqord Booster is its price. While other activity trackers regularly cost upwards of £100, this one will set you back just $35 (£22) and just $12 (£7.65) for a replacement should you lose or use the first to the end of its 12 month battery life.


To some extent, with a basic price tag comes basic features. There’s no fancy display and there isn’t much beyond basic step tracking to give you feedback on how your child is doing. The kid friendly focus is unlikely to appeal to adults either.

Bottom Line

The Sqord Booster seems like a pretty exciting product for parents who want to see how active their children are. Just don’t expect many to be sold outside of that group of parents.