T.Jacket review

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Ever felt like you just need a hug but no one is around? If you answered yes, your average fitness band or smartwatch won’t be able to help you out, but the T.Jacket can. Designed to simulate the feeling of a hug with a controllable squeeze, the T.Jacket is a wearable piece of clothing with a comforting function, rather than a smart one.


The T.Jacket is a wearable the “provides deep touch pressure,” to the wearer, in order to emulate the feeling of getting a hug from a loved one. It’s built into a standard hoody, so is entirely hidden and no one will know about its special function if you dont’ want them to. On the inside though, is a built in air-pump system to provide the hugging sensation.

The jacket can operate entirely automatically, via programming to give you a squeeze at certain times of the day or during certain situations, or it can be triggered by the application if you need it at any particular time.

The T.Jacket is a great device for those that just want a bit of physical comfort during the day, but it’s also proved an excellent tool to help children and adults that suffer from Autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Dementia and PTSD. If applying the jacket to a child, parents can look at statistics tracked about the individual online, to help see what effect the ‘hugs’ have over time, or to deliver one when it’s needed most.

The strength of the squeeze, its duration and intensity can also be controlled and customised through the app, letting you make the ideal hugging experience for the wearer, whether it’s your self or a loved one. It also allows you to change up the way it feels, so that your body never becomes accustomed to the pressure and therefore less responsive.


The T.Jacket is unfortunately, not cheap. A single version that comes with charging cable, washing kit and user guide, costs $550 (£340).


Cost is going to be a big problem for the T.Jacket. While it might be a worthwhile expense, especially for children with Autism or other conditions that make touching a little difficult. However, several hundred pounds is not a small sum, even for something as smart as the T.Jacket.

Bottom Line

I think it’s a shame that the jacket costs as much as it does, considering it seems to have a lot of benefits, especially for children with difficult conditions. I hope that over time it will become more cost effective, so that more people can benefit from it.