Tagg Plus pet tracker review

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Keeping an eye on your own fitness and location is one thing, but keeping an eye on your pet tends to be a lot harder. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the peace of mind to know that if your cat or dog runs off, that you’ll know exactly where they are? Maybe you’d like to know just how much exercise they’re actually doing when they take a run around your garden? That’s where Tagg comes in, the wearable fitness tracker and location device for animals.


Tagg’s first and foremost function, is to keep you informed about where your pet is at all times. It does this by acting as a GPS tracker, uploading your pet’s information to an application which you can view. You can even set up safe zones, so that if your pet decides to wander out of it, you can receive text and email alerts to let you know about it.

While it can of course work as an emergency tool should your animal get away from you, for those with cats that wander during the day, it can also be an exciting way to see what your pet gets up to on their daily excursions.

Of course Tagg goes beyond simple tracking. It also offers you activity information for your pet, showing you in real time and across more extended periods by collating the data, of how often your pet sleeps, rests and performs light and hard exercise. This can give you a great profile of how fit and active your pet is, or perhaps give you an indicator that it could do with an extra walk now and again.

Beyond that though, an activity monitor can give you a deeper insight than mere observation alone and can let you know if your pet isn’t feeling well, due to the fact that it doesn’t move around quite as much.

Cost and Availability

The Tagg is currently priced at $90 (£57), but unfortunately it’s still only available for pre-ordering. However it will go up in price by almost 100 per cent when released, so getting in now might not be a bad idea. However even with the deal, after the first free two months are up, you’ll need to continue paying £6 per month for the subscription service.


The price for the Tagg is a little hefty, especially when you factor in nearly £70 a year on subscription fees on top of that. The fact that it’s still not available too, considering there are comparable products out there is a real problem.

Bottom Line

While when the Tagg releases it might be a strong product, for not it’s an expensive pipe dream. I’d wait until it’s released to get a proper verdict on whether it’s worth it or not. in the mean time, there are alternatives.