Timex Move X20 review

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Even though 2014 was the year where the fitness tracker officially took off, that doesn’t mean some companies aren’t still releasing them. Take for example Timex’s next stab at a wearable device, known as the Move X20. It tracks a lot of the usual information, giving users multiple colour options, and a versatile back-end application to play around with. Can it stand up to the very multitudinous competition?


The Timex Move X20 tracks information like steps, distance travelled and calories burned and for those wanting to push themselves, you can set targets that you receive awards for subsequently beating. Thanks to the built in display also, unlike a lot of other fitness trackers where the information is only available within the app, the Move X20 can give you that data in real time just by looking at the display.

Much like a smartwatch too, the X20 can give you a heads up for notifications, letting you know if someone important has text, called or emailed you while you’re busy. Sleep too can be tracked, letting you know how restful you’re being when you put your head down at the end of the day.

Whatever you decide to keep track of though, even if you can view it on the built in screen, the real detail can be found in the behind the scenes application, which gives you break downs of your activities over a set period, as well as letting you adjust settings like vibration alerts, weather alerts and more.

If you lose your phone, you can even use the X20 to find it by activating a “find phone” function that causes your handset to light up and make a noise.

The built in li-ion battery is said to last for around a week before needing to be recharged.



At the time of writing the Timex Move X20 is on sale for $100 (£65 approximately) and comes in medium or small, in pink, green or black.


The biggest problem with the Timex Move X20 is that it doesn’t do much that other fitness trackers that are already available don’t do. Timex is more watch brand than tech firm too, so some may be concerned about the future expansion of the app’s capabilities.

Bottom Line

While it does feature impressive battery life, more established wearable gadget makers may pull ahead of Timex with this one as it doesn’t seem to do much to warrant buying it over anything else that’s been available for a year or more already.