Tinitell wristphone review

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Keeping track of your child is never easy, especially once they figure out that those two legs they have can carry them on all sorts of adventures. Fortunately, it looks like technology developers have come up with a solution for finding them in a hurry, the Tinitell (teeny-tell) wristphone, designed specifically for children.


Tinitell is a minimalistic, wrist mounted mobile phone with a durable design. It gives parents or other children the ability to get in touch with the user at the touch of a button and vice versa. Simplicity is a core principle of its development, so there’s an on-off button, a speaker, microphone and single button. Added function comes from voice commands, letting your child call anyone just by telling the Tinitell to do it.

There’s also GSM and GPS built in, so location data can be found at any time if you need it.

It’s easy to set up for your kids too. There’s an app for your phone or accessible online, which lets you update the Tinitell’s contact list and other information, so if you want your kid to be able to ring someone else, just login and add the information. From then on, the child wearing the device will be able to call them, just by saying their name.

It’s also incredibly durable and water proof, so no matter what adventures your kids get up to, you should be able to get in touch. The battery even lasts a good week without charging and can handle up to an hour of talk time, despite its thin form factor.



Currently you can’t buy the Tinitell as it’s still in pre-production, but it recently passed its Kickstarter threshold with flying colours, netting $140,00. $40,000 more than its initial goal. Early birds there managed to pre-order one of the phones for $100, though you can now pre-order different colours versions for $129. Shipping is expected to take place in early 2015.


Most of the problems you have with normal smart devices are present in Tinitell, but because of its child focus, they don’t matter anywhere near as much. The fact that its battery life isn’t amazing doesn’t matter, as you can make sure it’s charged. The fact that it doesn’t have a lot of function is actually perfect for a kid product. The only real downside is that there are competitors out there that may be available before this.

Bottom Line

If you’re willing to wait, the Tinitell looks like a great little product for keeping track of your most loved ones. I’d even be tempted to put one on my dog just for tracking purposes.