Unicef Kid Power Band review

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Most fitness trackers are all about helping the individual improve. They’re designed to make them work harder, eat better and ultimately help themselves by making it easy to keep a better eye on these different factors. However not all fitness bands are created equally, as while the Unicef Kid Power smart tracker is designed to help children become more active, it’s also a motivational tool to help children in other parts of the world.


The Unicef Kid Power bracelet works like your average fitness tracker and smartwatch. It displays basic information like the time, battery life and steps taken to children than wear it. Those steps and other activities are recorded on the device, letting children and parents see just how active their child has been. The kids can complete actions on their own, as part of a group or school project and while this helps the child themselves get fitter, all of that action is converted into “power points” and that’s where this fitness band is different.

Those power points are collected and sent to Unicef and in turn, they pay for the scheme’s sponsors to send nutrient packs to malnourished children in Africa and other parts of the world, giving them an important source or protein, vitamins and minerals, things they are severely lacking.

In this way, the Kid Power band is the most altruistic of smartbands out there.


The best part for parents interested in the Kid Power band, is that it’s free. Availability is limited however and this year, three cities will see several thousand children given the fitness trackers. So far over 11,000 kids have been given them, generating over 66,000 packages of food for starving nations.


Clearly this isn’t designed as a catchall fitness tracker, but compared with some of the commercially available alternatives, it is a bit basic. Similarly so there isn’t much in the way of an application for parents to keep track of the child’s actions over time. Perhaps a GPS tracking function would be nice too, combining the benefits of many different wearables in one.

Bottom Line

This is a great little product that will secure a generation of wearable wearers just by introducing them to kids sooner. It’s a nice, selfless gesture too that benefits everyone. What’s not to love?