Voyce dog health tracker

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Tracking the fitness of a human being is undoubtedly useful for individuals and for sports team coaches who want to keep an eye on what their players are doing on and off the field, but the fact that those people can say what they’ve been doing does limit the functionality of the devices, since someone diligent enough to manually record what they do could provide similar information themselves. However that’s not he case with our canine friends, who other than looking a little tired can’t really tell us how active they’ve been. That’s where the Voyce is designed to come in handy.


The Voyce is an activity tracker for dogs, that is designed to keep an eye on their steps taken, distance travelled, sleeping habits and most importantly, their heart rate. While some of those metrics will be useful for making sure your dog walks enough, it’s the heart rate monitor and sleep trackers which should come in handy for keeping an eye on their general health. Changes in heart rhythm or an unusually low or high heart rate can equate to all sorts of health issues, so being able to see how they change over time can really pre-warn about emerging medical conditions.

All of this data is input into a graphing system in the accompanying back end software, which can be collated on a daily or weekly basis. Trends will be measured over time and any new peak performance gains can be recorded for posterity.

As well as making sure your dog stays healthy though, the Voyce can also let you set goals for your best friend. Losing weight, or increasing daily activity can be monitored and tracked too, letting you see how close you are to reaching your dog’s ideal weight and fitness level.


At the time of writing, the Voyce is on sale for $200 (£130), plus the $9.50 a month subscription charge for access to the Voyce portal.


The Voyce is currently restricted to dogs with necks that are at least 12″ in diameter, all the way up to 32″. It is also reasonably expensive considering you need to pay almost its purchase price again each year to keep it connected. It also has an LED on the front which continuously flashes, which some may not want and it doesn’t blend in very well, looking quite bulky and medical.

Bottom Line

The Voyce still needs to prove itself as a long term health tracking tool, but it has the potential to be quite a useful piece of it for owners and vets that are treating them.