Voyce dog wellness collar

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It’s all well and good getting yourself a pedometer wearable, or a smartwatch with fitness and health tracking applications, but what about the rest of your family? No not the elderly or children, there’s plenty of wearable trackers for them. What about your pride and joy? Man’s best friend? Your humble dog. Fortunately, Voyce is here to save the day.


Voyce is a wellness, wearable collar designed just for dogs. It keeps track of important vital information and other metrics, in order to give you an idea of the general wellbeing of your pet at all times. On top of that, over time it is able to extrapolate that information to highlight times when your prized pet isn’t quite feeling at its best.

Some of the information tracked by Voyce, includes activity levels, which can be important for keeping an eye on how much exercise your pet gets in relation to its needs. It can also be an indicator of early onset arthritis, as movement becomes harder as a pet ages. The collar also tracks rest, making sure that your pet is sleeping enough, but not too much.

Based on weight and movement, the Voyce can also make an educated guess at how many calories that your dog is burning on any given day. This is a handy way to keep track of your dog’s weight gain or loss, depending on their current situation and healthy ranges.

Perhaps more directly health related though, are the heart rate and respiratory trackers built into the Voyce. They can let you know immediately if there’s some sort of problem with your pet’s vitals.

All of this information can be viewed on the handy companion app on your iOS or Android smart phone and can then be shared with your vet in times of checkups or health issues.


At the time of writing, the Voyce dog wellness collar isn’t available for purchase, though a suggested price of $300 has been thrown around. Initially it was pegged for a summer 2014 release, but there’s no announcement in sight.


Availability is a problem right off of the bat with a product like this. It actually needs to set an ETA in terms of when it will go on sale, otherwise all of the early hype will have been a waste of time. On top of that, I wonder what vets would think of some of the metrics being tracked? Just as with human wearables, some wearables don’t track accurately enough, so Vets would need to approve the stats as medically accurate before making use of them to aid diagnosis.

Bottom Line

I like the idea of the Voyce. There’s no reason pets shouldn’t have smart wearables too and enjoy the benefits of technology as we do, but I’d want to get a vet’s opinion on it before considering buying one myself.