Xiaomi Mi Band Review

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Fitness trackers are some of the world’s most popular wearables, but not everyone can afford their often £60+ prize points, which is what the Xiaomi Mi is hoping to cash in on with its launch into international territories like India. With its low price tag and reasonable feature set, it will be interesting to see if the newly launched wearable can catch on.


The Mi Band is designed to monitor your fitness through a number of metrics. Steps are counted, distance travelled is noted, calories are output and you can even keep an eye on your sleep. All of this is done automatically too, which is a bonus for those that like to set and forget their technology. It also has a basic time output display.

Not much of this data is viewable on the device, you have to utilise the smartphone companion application to see how you’ve been getting on. As well as providing break downs of your daily activity, the Mi-Band’s app also reports data over time, letting you see how your daily fitness measures up on a week to week and month to month basis.

As a secondary benefit, the Mi-Band can also be used to unlock your smartphone, meaning that unless someone has it as well as your handset, they won’t be able to unlock your phone. That does away with passcodes and other non-tethered security systems.

Much like many smartwatches around at the moment too, the Mi-Band can alert you to texts and calls that you might want to take, letting you leave your phone somewhere out of the way.

Better yet, the Mi Band has a 30 day battery life, is water resistant and comes with a locate function.



At the time of writing, the Mi-Band is available for an unprecedented £10, making it one of the cheapest wearables in the world.


There are some high end features like heart rate monitoring and GPS which are missing from the Mi-Band. It also doesn’t have much in the way to differentiate it, with a look that’s very much akin to the Misfit Shine/Flash.

Bottom Line

Even if it might be missing a few features, the Mi Band is an incredibly affordable wearable that does almost everything that much more expensive products do. Even if the Mi-Band isn’t your last wearable, it should be your first, as it’s an affordable way to see if tracking your fitness is something you plan to do long term.