Zepp sports tracker review

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Most fitness gadgets out in the world today are quite generic. They track your steps, distance ran/cycled/swam/walked, your heart rate, hydration levels, exertion and a variety of other metrics which can help you improve your fitness, but what about something a bit more specific than that? What about a wearable that attaches to your racket, bat or club to help you improve your gameplay? That’s what the Zepp wristband does.


The Zepp wristband is a wearable that attaches to the base of your favourite ball hitting tool, be it a baseball bat, a golf club or tennis racket and analyses your swing to see what your game is like. When combined with the companion application, it can then be used to improve your swing.

Each sport requires its own sensor, but once you’ve picked your sport of choice and the sensor to go with it, you can truly analyse your game in 360 degrees. On the smartphone or tablet app, you can watch a 3D version of yourself take the swing you just made, tracking your speed, accuracy and technique. It can give you tips on where your peak power is and how you can adjust that to make sure it lines up better with the ball.

You can even compare yourself with the pros, showing what a professional sportsman might be able to achieve in your situation. This could be encouraging, but don’t get too obsessed, there’s a reason they play in the big leagues and we don’t.

If you want a comparison with people more on your level, you can also share your data with friends, going head to head to see who can get the best scores. You can of course compete with yourself too, looking back at your usage of the Zepp over time to see how you’ve improved.


At the time of writing, the Zepp sports recorders are 150 euros (£120) with wide availability in the US and EU.


£120 is a little expensive for something this specific. You’d imagine that a wrist mounted wearable might be able to do something similar along with plenty of other function. I’m also not sure how useful a tool this would be for the average Joe who’s just playing Golf to spend time with friends or relax. If anything, this is something that should be marketed towards personal trainers more than amateur enthusiasts.

Bottom Line

Not being much of a sportsman myself (make an MMA glove with built in sensors and we’ll talk) this isn’t a product I’d be particularly interested in, but it has its merits. I think the Zepp is better suited to trainers though than individuals, as those people can provide real context and suggestions that an app full of stats can’t.